SuperLab is a space open to several forms of activities that inspire creativity.

The goal is to promote SuperLab’s research in multiple areas to generate innovative ideas.

SuperLab is promoted by SuperUber, which provides all the infrastructure needed to carry out the activities.


The Art Residency promotes coexistence and collaboration. The objective is to exchange research in different languages. A unique incubator of technology and design solutions and ideas is available to the artists.


Located on the ground floor of the building, Gallery 78 is a space for displaying works of art focused on new media.


Besides promoting SuperLab’s creations, the space also hosts external events that are in tune with SuperLab’s concept such as openings, exhibitions, performances, festivals, lectures, presentations, etc.. SuperUber also contributes to the space with its interactive and new media installations, connecting the theme of the event to their audience.



SuperLab has a prototyping area, equipment and versatile spaces for different uses.



The meetings promote knowledge sharing through workshops, courses, lectures and discussions about cultural and social areas such as Architecture, Urbanism, Design, Software, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, etc. The meetings value practical learning and focuses on delivering projects.